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Loop Loom Bracelets


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Using 7 colors of cord and 7 colors of beads, kids customize 11 different styles to create bracelets that are uniquely their own. Our exclusive one-handed loom makes bracelets from a continuous piece of stretchy cord for frustration-free results every time!

Comes with: 48-page book of instructions, 84 feet of cord in 7 colors, 600 beads in 7 colors, loop loom tool, crochet hook, handy work tray.

Ages 8+

Shipping Information

📪️ We ship via UPS

📪️ Orders are processed daily, and picked up for transit Monday-Friday

📪️ Rates are based on destination (we ship from Maine)

➡️➡️ Northeast -- $9.95
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➡️➡️ Western -- $18.95
(We know shipping rates are high. It stinks for us too.)